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Honda Civic Modified into Lamborghini Terzo Millennio Concept Car Indian Youtuber Shared Video Watch Here

Like many parts of the world, car modification is a big and expensive hobby in India too. Some people hand over their cars to garages that are expert in doing this work, while there are some talented people who modify their cars on their own. For example, a YouTuber from India transformed his Honda Civic into a supercar. In appearance, the car matches the Lamborghini Terzo Millennio Concept. This YouTuber has spent more than Rs 12 lakh in modifying this car.


An Indian YouTuber named Tanna Dhawal has stunned social media with his car modification skills. Dhawal made his Honda Civic look like Lamborghini Terzo Millennio concept car for Rs 12.5 lakh. Dhawal has also shared the entire process of this artwork on his YouTube channel, parts of which are going viral on social media.

Channel Several videos available on YouTube show how Dhawal and his team have completely redesigned the exterior and cabin of the Civic. The video shows that almost all the parts of the Honda Civic were removed and placed on a homemade metal-pipe frame. Then, it was covered with a fiberglass body to give it a look similar to the Terzo Millennio concept.


In this, Dhawal used the fuel tank of Hyundai Santro, suspension system of Maruti Suzuki Alto and exhaust system of Benelli 600i motorcycle. Dhawal's artwork may not be as sharp and premium as the actual Lamborghini concept, but his talent here has to be appreciated.

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